7 Ways A Landlord Can Help Tenants This Corona Period.


Those who own houses and buildings that tenants rent in Kenya are referred to as Landlords. For profit maximisation especially during this corona period, as a landlord you need to maintain a high rate of customer retention through the following acts.

1. Involve your tenants in decision making for cases affecting them. This will create good customer relationship. Avail a suggestion box to your tenants.

2. Be generous to your tenants. All this while, they have been putting a coin in your pockets, now corona is here and most of them salaries are being reduced. Some, their jobs have been terminated. Providing them with flour once in a while to feed their families is commendable. Kindness is free and people need people to survive.

3. You may consider reducing rent fee as corona has taken away most of their jobs. Instead of chasing them away, and this will open for you other doors of success.

4. Address problems affecting your tenants on time to avoid incurring losses due to them running away. This may include, garbage collection and water issues. Everyone deserves a comfortable environment to live in.

5. Get a caring and understanding caretaker. One who has good communication skills with a convincing tongue. Suchlike a caretaker is able to attract more customers and retain the existing ones.

6. Visit your premises frequently to find out the authenticity of information received from caretakers and tenants. 

7. Avail your contacts to tenants so that they can verify information given by caretakers. This will ensure dignity is upheld as vices such as corruption and bribery won't occur.

As a landlord today, do the above in order to reap just fruits because tomorrow you may be a tenant too.

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