3 Highly Educated Footballers In The World

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Beginning a professional career at a very young age, most footballers give up academic education after school. However, there have been several renowned players over the years, who have gone on to complete a certain degree of education.

Here is a list of 3 highly educated football players in the world:

Yuto Nagatomo

Japanese international Yuto Nagatomo, who too had a seven-year stint at Inter Milan is among the most educated footballers in the world. The 34-year-old has completed degree education in economics from the University of Meiji. Surprised yet? Nagatomo is also the author of two books on modern economics.

Duncan Watmore

Liverpool player Duncan Watmore is a Premier League rarity, one of only two English players to have earned his first-class honours degree. In 2015 the then 21-year-old acquired an economics and business management diploma from Newcastle University Business School following graduation with a Bachelor in 2013. 

Shaka Hislop

Hislop earned a scholarship to play college soccer at Howard University in the United States and graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. The former English shot-stopper is now working as a commentator for ESPN FC/ESPN UK.

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