Covid-19 Vaccine : Over 40 % Of Ghanaians Believed Vaccine Is Dangerous - Latest Research Reveals

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A research conducted by the University of Southampton in Ghana has revealed that, 43.4 % of Ghanaians believes that, the COVID-19 Vaccine Jabs are dangerous.

The research further revealed that, 82 % of the Ghanaians are willing to take the vaccine.

This research was conducted in March to ascertain the perception of Ghanaians about the Covid-19 Vaccination.

This comes in the wake of preparedness by the Ghana Health Service to begin the second dose of vaccination in the Country after receiving another dose of Vaccines from Astra Zenaca through the Covax facility.

Results from the research also revealed that, more women are not sure about the safety of the Vaccine compared to Men.

In terms of religion, the research findings shows that, more Christians find it difficult to accept the vaccination compared to Muslims.

In terms of political affiliation, the research shows that, people who voted for the ruling New Patriotic Party turn to endorse the Vaccines than those who voted for the NDC in the 2020 Elections.

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