How to Gain Your First 1000 True Die Hard Fans in 20 Days


The main objective for this promotion strategy is to direct traffic to the brand’s Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok and his/her YouTube Account.Use his/her figures and influence on these platforms channelled to make him/her a huge hot brand that is well sort after by bigger brands, business outfits and event organizers.

Stage One:

The first thing to do is have a one song and a video where necessary for the promo objective. A set of photos enough for you to post twice a day, in the case of a model and a few videos to start.

Stage Two:

Have a photo shoot for hot 10 pictures of the artiste to promote on social media handles, place all your works on distribution platforms to protect them from being copyrighted, used without consent or sold without your legal approval. For example;

Stage Three:

Create a visual world for the brand on social media. 

This will entail the creation of a banner that best suits the song you are promoting with your brand. It will also include the creation of something (Educative, Documentary and entertainment) to engage the audience attention through social media intensive ads to enable the visibility and resonance of the audience with your brand. Like

During this time, you will be giving your audience a strong call to action (Subscribe to our YouTube channel and hit the notification button) (Visit us on Destrokid with the handle……etc) .

Stage Four:

Use stage two pictures and engaging materials to tell a story about the brand so far, hinting your release date of your hit song and how it can be streamed or downloaded and distributed. Also get bloggers to blog about the story so far and also feature on interviews to help put your brand on the map.

Stage Five:

Get the hit song on Playlists available on the distribution platforms. 

Use the trends at the time to solicit for the best playlist to gain you some streams prior to the release date.

Furthermore, make a banner art of the hit song or whatever project you have and post them unlimited on all your social media platforms and a picture or two of the artiste in front holding the date of the release in hand.Stage Six:

Find the right influencers that can help you project the song on release day and take a few shots and video a little conversation where necessary so people see your brands affiliation with influencers of your choice.

Do a short one minute 30seconds song for three stars of your choice and push it till it gets their attention.

Stage Seven:

Get a few church members who support your brand to do a possible rendition of the song together,video this, add a lyrical video and prepare them as follow up videos after you release the hit song. Get a team to post and share the banners on their social media walls and on their statuses prior to the song release.

Give out snippets of the behind the scenes of the video and upload that online to stir the wants of your niche to enhance their expectations.

Stage Eight:

Prepare for launching.

Get everyone together and specify jobs that will be done on that day of release such that the music will be everywhere in the face of your targeted fans.

Stage Nine:

Release the song:

Make the music ready on YouTube, social media sites and distribution platforms.

Re-eco the banners and flood social media with the banners.Get the social media influencers to get to work by either posting themselves vibing to the song or post the links on their pages and also engage bloggers to also get the links everywhere they know of.

Create a WhatsApp broadcast and send the links out to as many as you can to your target market and have everyone on your team do same. Remember that, you won't just send links to anyone at all but only to the audience within your target market.

Quickly start an ad on the video as soon as it premieres on youtube to pump the visibility pipes down into the heads of your audience.

Further, launch a giveaway competition for the song. (The DJ’s will be put to work on this).

Final Stage Ten:

Solicit for shows and gigs for your brand and manage the steps well until a label comes on board to sign you on.

Do these and see how you will gain 1000 true die hard fans in 20 days.

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