Tanzania: Ex-Cop Kills Himself After His Wife Sold All His Property While Hospitalized

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A a senior ex-cop is alleged to have taken his life using a rope inside his rental house in Kilimanjaro.

According to sources, the officer Omar Charema committed suicide inside his bathroom during the wee hours of the morning.

It has emerged that the senior officer was admitted in hospital some few months ago only to return home and find his wife had sold all their assets.

Sadly, the family was forced to rent a house to live in after his wife sold their only piece of land.

Well, this seems to have angered the ex-cop who was overwhelmed by depression.

After this incident went viral a majority of netizens have blasted the lady with a number airing some wild views.

Some have questioned why she sold the only piece of land owned by the family only to squander the money.

A number have alleged that it could be the money was used to settle his hospital bill.

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