Zimbos are left in shock as Zanu-pf registers a new party called Ngapinde Hake Mukomana: Opinion

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Individuals of Zimbabwe should not fear this. This is the old stunt of Zanu-pf, they have been doing this each time when they are races, however a many individuals currently know. As we realize that resident coliation for change has the labor supply in the city.

CCC has such countless individuals in metropolitan regions. Individuals in the Urban regions they are via online entertainment stages. As I am composing this news they will find out about it and this mindfulness have been raised on Facebook. So they are now mindful of what Zanu-pf was attempting to do.

They are simply making an effort not to decide in favor of president Chamisa in numbers. Indeed this party will get around couple of votes that they might attempt to consolidate with those of Zanu-pf, that is the means by which they rig the votes, however it won't be even 50% of what CCC will acquire.

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