God Is More Wicked Than The LBGT Community In Ghana-Wan Luv Kubolor.


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This article you are about to read is about the older brother of Deborah Vanessa as known as Sister Derby. The Ghanaian Afro Pop musician in an interview with Fiifi Pratt on Kingdom radio has shown is support for the gay community. This is nothing new of him as he had already made his stands clear when the matter was on heat in this country. But that is not the issue here, the issue here is his saying about GOD being wicked. This happened yesterday(21st April, 2021).He called on the Government to allow gay activists in the country. Fiifi Pratt asked him of what he thinks of in relation to God’s wrath and the consequences of being gay.

His respond to that was “The God in the Bible has killed many people in the world and therefore is more wicked and sinful than the gay community in Ghana”.

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