Can This Be True? Reno Asks After His Name Appeared On The Listed Of Nigerians That Shouldn't Be Trolled

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A few hours ago the former presidential aide to Goodluck Ebele Jonathan Reno Omokri took to his verified Instagram page to ask his fans an important question after his name appeared on the list of Nigerians that shouldn't be trolled as he says "Can this be true'.

He however seems not to have believed what he has just come across however, he decided to ask if what was written is the true picture of him. He also mentioned a certain individual identified as Faniwater and his group (ah Satan Nokia 3310) noting that they are responsible for what has happened to him.

You can recall that currently, he was dragged online by a certain lady known as Natasha Akpoti who said to have claimed that Mr. Reno made passes at her in 2014. Moreso, it appears he is not perturbed by it after he said have clear himself of the allegation by providing some evidence.

The list seems to have been compiled by a Facebook handle (Ahad Wezie Tellthem) and his name is listed as the number followed by Frank Edehor, who hosted the popular tv show (WWTBAM), a famous crossdresser known as Bobrisky, and five others.

1. Reno Omokri

2. Frank Edehor

3. Bobrisky

4. James Brown

5. Shehu Sani

6. Ben Bruce

7. Ali Ndume

8. Omalye

A lot of times some individuals are being dragged on social media for one mischievous reason and if thy carefully on how to handle the issue it becomes a mess however if they're innocent of the allegation they may become a no go area for trolls

In my opinion, Mr. Reno seems to fallen in that category of Nigerians that can't be dragged without making sure the person doesn't try it again and likewise the rest of them.

Guys, what is your opinion on this? Do you think it is true just as he has asked? Let's hear you below the comment section. Thanks for reading, sharing, and following.

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