'Wanatesaa' Celebrities With The Most Beautiful Sisters You Will Admire


Most celebrities love putting their private life including family members as a secret.However,some of them have come out clear to introduce their sisters to the public.With me are some of these celebrities.

1.Betty Kyalo

This TV girl seems to have beauty run in their blood line.She has two gorgeous sisters but the younger one is more popular.Her name is Gloria and she shares a striking resemblance with Miss Betty.

2.Size 8.

Lilian Munyali as she is officially known has a gorgeous sister known as Mary Munyali.The beauty queen rose to limelight when her divorce with Instagram model and dancer Ezra.

3.Yasmeen Said

She was the lead actress in the telenovela Maria aired on Citizen TV.She introduced her sister to the public back in 2020.Yasmeen's sister goes by the name Shimmer Shimz on Instagram and is as glamorous as her younger sister.


Madam boss as she is popularly known is elder sister to lawyer Cebbie Kokks Nyasego.The beauty queen came to publicity after videos of her posh proposal surfaced online.Days later,a leaked conversation between her and an unknown person made many doubt the relationship between the two sisters as she was speaking ill of Akothee.They however sort out their issues and have seen in public together.Who among these sisters are the most beautiful? Kindly send in your comments as you like share and follow this channel for more exclusive articles.

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