Pedestrians in Pietermaritzburg are forced to take taxis; Twitter says it happens everywhere

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Taxi drivers and taxi owners are known to be a law unto themselves. They do as they please on the roads while playing dice with human lives they transport everyday.

People who live in Pietermaritzburg; Kwazulu Natal Midlands; have revealed that taxi drivers; harrass them (pedestrians) to get in the taxi without the latter expressing a desire to board a taxi.

They do not stop there; they harrass people who have formed their own lift clubs and tell the driver that he is taking money from their pockets; which is followed by a demand of R500 - R1500 as a fine from the car owner.

This shows that they harrass both passengers and pedestrians. All parties are feeling despondent and helpless due to the lawlessness of the taxi industry.

Tweeps responded with messages supporting the allegations; saying that it happens every where. They also revealed incidents that have happened to them while others expressed their disgust at the way this industry operates without being regulated.

Taxi drivers fail to realise that we are in the middle of a recession; when people walk to work or to seek work; it is because they cannot afford the taxi fare. When they force pedestrians to board a taxi who will cover the fare?

On the other hand when people source a private vehicle to take them to work; it is for the same reason that they cannot afford the daily taxi fare; so they pool their resources and pay a monthly fee to the vehicle owner.

The call for the regulation of the taxi industry is a life long struggle which the government failed to control in the beginning. Now it has become a monster they cannot control. Meantime; the low end income earners and poor people are left to suffer the consequences.

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