"Is that a headboard or a tombstone?" A man was mocked after sharing his bedroom picture

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Now I understand why they say 'You should not post everything on social media. Sometimes you have to keep some of the things to yourself without sharing them to anybody.

There is a Facebook group called; 'make your bedroom beautiful' which is all about sharing beautifully designed or decorated rooms pictures. People share their beautiful rooms pictures to get compliments and likes. However, there are also those who share their rooms and end up getting roasted or mocked. I remember few months ago when a lady shared her bedroom house with holes 'window'. She was laughed to an extent where by they ended up switching off the comments, can you imagine!

Well, while I was busy going through my Facebook feed, I bumped into this other post where by a man who seems to be between the ages of 20 to 30 shared a picture of a bedroom. However, the headboard of the bed looks so creepy, its design is not common, it looks exactly like a tombstone, can yiou imagine! The post has been captioned thus: "I am sorry but yooh! This one is the design of 2030 graves".

Seems like the person who shared the picture is not the owner of the bedroom, but I'm not sure with that. Almost everyone was so surprised by this headboard, the comment were like: "this is so creepy and weird, it looks like a tombstone", "I don't like it but it's very classy", "That one can cause unnecessary nightmares, hay Andizi!". Anyway check out some of the comments above:

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