Sports Gets A Big Blow As Swimming Federation President Succumbs To Covid-19

Covid 19 came to torture and it's indeed torturing,both physically and mentally. People globally are really suffering ,both rich and poor,prominent and the humble .The worst part of this pandemic is it's life losing nature,it's snatching people there life directly and indirectly;directly,it's a deadly disease that causes breathing difficulties to an individual at it's final stage which eventually leads to the death of the patient. It can also indirectly cause death in that people starve to death due to paralysed economy it causes.This is caused by the lockdowns and curfew hours stipulated by the government in attempt to control further spread,however these stipulations have side effects to individuals in that they hinder one's effort to put the food on the table.

The disease have killed several prominent people across the globe.Today,the pandemic has struck hard the Country of Kenya again,with the recent fatality involving acting swimming federation president Patrick Muyah, who has succumbed today from covid-19 complications while receiving treatment.

Muyah has always aimed at taking Kenya high as far as swimming game is concerned. The sector had therefore had a big blow.

Kenyans have extended their heartfelt messages of condolences to the family and friends of federation,urging them to remain strong during the hard time of losing a loved one. We are however reminded that the pandemic is here with us and we have to put in practice measures put in place to control further spread and together,we will be able to win this common enemy.