How To Manage Diarrhea Effectively


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Diarrhea we all know is the frequent passage of loose or watery stools occurring three or more times day (24hours).

Diarrhea can be;

Acute: usually caused by the consumption of contaminated foods water or alcohol lasting for only a day or two.

Chronic: In this type of diarrhea, there is a disorder in the intestines or generalized disease and it can last for more than 14 days.

Dysentery: This is also known as blood in stool, this type is caused by shigella and can also last for days.

How do one manage diarrhea?

1. In acute diarrhea cases, drink more fluids (3-4 litres) a day

2. Also give ORS frequently to the patient

3. Eat foods containing salt such as crisps or soups

4. Avoid spicy foods

5. avoid foods containing milk

6. Maintain good standard of hygiene

7. And finally, in a situation of breastfeeding babies, the mother should continue breastfeeding and also practice complementary foods for children above six months and exclusive breastfeeding in babies less than six months.

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