Men Should Get Vasectomy in Highschool, Internet Erupts After Edgar Asked His Fans This Question


Kenyans on Instagram have surprised many by their reaction after controversial blogger, Edgar Obare asked them a question. On his Instagram stories, Edgar asked the man's responsibility when it comes to contraception. This is after the blogger opened the platform to his fans, and allowed them to talk about fathers who have abandoned their children outside marriage.

Without hesitation, Edgar's followers answered the question. Majority of the followers claimed that it is high time men take responsibility and also take part in contraception. Some joined hands and said that men should get vasectomy in highschool to avoid getting women whom they do not plan on having a future with pregnant. They explained that, vasectomy is reversible so it will be the easiest option for men in order to avoid this narrative of irresponsible fathers.

The social media users said that the contraceptive pills which ladies do take are not safe for them. They revealed that ladies are often affected after they have taken this pills. They therefore, urged men to be responsible after they have impregnated someone's daughter or get a vasectomy. Here are some of the reactions that have blown the internet:


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