Two White Suspects Arrested After They Were Found With This

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Whilst on a routine patrol one of our members spotted a suspicious vehicle standing next to two kids on their bicycles, The law enforcers then proceeded to do the necessary investigations and inquiries in order to discern if this was a high style situation.

As the officers got closer it became very apparent that the two kids being robbed by two men, and it has been revealed that the suspects sprayed the kids with teargas.

Two suspects fled on foot and were apprehended by our members and the getaway vehicle managed to escape, Anyone who might have information that could lead to the successful arrest of the suspect who managed to escape encouraged to come forward with any information so that the suspects can be brought to justice.

Alberton SAPS have been contacted In order to take the suspect in custody, The police quickly rushed to the scene in order to do the necessary investigations and arrests.

The suspects then we booked in at the police station, and they are probably going to face some serious charges.

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