Important tips: how to prevent forgetfulness and ways to remember what you learn


It is never easy to recall everything you commit into memory. This is due to so many factors. But you can at least remember someone who hurt you for decades! Why is that always the case? You may not be able to recall an important concept you've read from books.

This is due to forgetfulness! Let's look at what forgetfulness is and the causes. Forgetfulness is inability to recall anything you've committed into memory. In school children we can say it's the inability to recall material learned after a period of time.

Some people tend to forget easily than others. What are the causes of forgetfulness? Age is a factor. The more you grow, the more you tend to forget vital informations. When you're aging, your brain become full of issues of this world; financial problems, relationship problems and others. When your mind is always occupied, you may to be very forgetful. But this is not always so, in some people.

When children are taught lessons which are above their ages, they will always forget. It is expected that teachers give age appropriate lessons to learners. Also, teach young children to learn in fragments; don't force them to commit the whole textbook into memory like what's going on in Ghanaian schools.

Disease or disorders can also cause forgetfulness. There are people who are born with neurological disorders. Such people have problem with remembrance. An impact to the head can affect the brain negatively. Some people have sharp memories. But due to accidents and strokes, they've become very forgetful.

Lack of concentration also causes forgetfulness. Let's narrow this one to school children. During lessons, some children do not pay rapt attention. Because of that, they're not able to fully grasp whatever they're taught. Such children forget whatever they're taught almost immediately.

Interference also causes forgetfulness. When you're in a noisy environment, your brain will be under pressure to deal with different kinds of sound. In effect, you will not be able to concentrate fully on what you're supposed to commit into memory.

After form of interference comes from learning different materials at the same time. In our school settings, children are forced to learn so many subjects in the day.

Before they even close from school, they forget the lessons they were taught in the morning. Sometimes a particular concept in one subject interferes with another similar concept in a different subject. This causes distortion in the mind of the learners.

Now, let's look at how to prevent forgetfulness in people. Revise frequently. When you learn one thing and you never rehearse it, you will forget it completely or partially.

Learn in a conducive environment. Choose an environment devoid of noise in order to prevent interference and hence, eliminate forgetfulness.

Always concentrate on whatever you're reading. You will have a divided attention when you are attending to your smartphone and reading a book at the same time. Your brain cannot deal with two processes at the same time.