You are a Hypocrite - Kwadwo Sheldon Fires Kobby Kyei

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Ghanaian YouTube content creator, Kwadwo Sheldon has criticized his colleague blogger, Kobby Kyei of being a hypocrite.

Speaking on Kingdom Fm yesterday with Fiifi Pratt, Kwadwo Sheldon angrily opined that Kobby Kyei is a hypocrite who sees himself as superior to other bloggers.

According to Kwadwo Sheldon, Kobby Kyei is always talking bad about Ghanaian bloggers who do entertainment news other than his ‘positive’ news, as such seeing himself as superior to his colleagues.

Some people have a perception that, news coverage about politics, entertainment, fashion, beauty, sports, social issues, etc should always be a good news and not negative. Can that be possible?

It is with this percent that blogger Kobby Kyei is always seen criticizing his colleagues for not always tackling positive news.

Bloggers, journalists, should have the freedom to cover the type of news that they want as long as they are not breaching a law.

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