Meet the unusual pet this man actually has

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A pet is a domestic animal tamed that humans have for companionship. There are many domestic pets humans have and can use, examples are dogs, cats, just to name a few. These are the common ones.

Other people take wild animals as their pet but and examples are lions, pythons, just to name a few. Some even take mice and insects like cockroach as pets, it's their own choice because everyone and his or her taste.

One man's meat is another man's poison. It is not safe to take wild animals as pets because a wild animal will continue to be a wild animal the same way a black shoe will continue to be black even if you dye it, after much use it will return to its original colour gradually.

There are many people who bought their own death or in other words, they were killed by their own pets (wild animals which they took as pets). There are some human to animal relations which are very mutual but the one we are going to talk about it just unusual.

Meet the unusual pet this man actually has:

However, this companionship is unusual, how is it possible for a shark to unite with a human but it happened in this case.

As this man was in a boat sailing around on the ocean looking for a catch. He dipped his hand into the water and felt something rubbing it's body on his palm, he removed his hand quickly in shock and realised it was a shark.

It came closer to his boat with no sign of harming anyone. The man who happens to be a fisherman had a female friend also in the boat. He placed his hand again into the ocean and the shark did the same, he then realised the shark was harmless.

The shark now brought out half of it's body out of the ocean and the man rubbed it's body gently. He took the shark as his pet and visited it most at times.

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