"2 Major Teaching standards" On TPAD That Teachers "Can't" be able To Delete from TPAD.

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Teachers who are employed under the umbrella of the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) are always required by the commission to fill and submit the completed online TPAD at the end of every term.

Teachers should ensure that before they start the process of filling the TSC online TPAD, they have the required documents. The information like teaching standards should be filled out correctly. There are five teaching standards and each should be filled.

Teachers should note that most of the processes that are involved when one is filling TSC online TPAD cannot be deleted easily. Therefore teachers should be very keen when filling the TPAD in order to avoid the cancellation of the appraisal.

Another part which cannot be deleted by a teacher once he or she recorded wrong data is SNE standards. Once the case is checked, it is noted that the teacher have already been appraised and even have a TPAD score. Once an appraisal has been rated by the appraiser it cannot be deleted by the teacher .

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