Here are 5 male celebs who married woman older than them

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In most of the kenyan tribes men are not advisable to marry women that are older than their age. However when you find yourself in a situation that you have dated a lady for so long,fallen in love with her and now your planning to marry her but you find that lady is older than you what will you do?

Here are people are people who married women older than them without the fear of what will people say or how will the social platforms accuse them.

1. Guardian angel

Guardian angel real who his peter omwanka and a musician has caused stir online after he introduced her girlfriend in social platforms who is twice his age, he recently announced that he is dating a fellow gospel singer esther musila,who is 50 + years older than him.

2. John Allan Namu

The hunky former KTN journalist married sheen makena in 2010 while working at KTN. Allan started courting with sheen when he was intern at standard group while sheen was editor.

3. Bahati

Bahati who is a gospel musician is married to Diana marua who is alleged to be older than him which led to bahati being nicknamed mtoto wa Diana.

4. Pius muiru

Muiru who has been pastor for decades now married lucy who now have been in marriage for over 20 years. Muiru runs maximum miracle centre in Nairobi lavishes, praises on her alot describing her as a loving, beautiful and compassionate spouse.

5.Diamond Platnumz

Diamond a bongo musician and an international singer was married to Zari Hassan whom they divorced few years ago. According to the claims she made recently in 2019, she was born in 1980 while diamond was born in 1989.

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