Seven Professional Wrestlers Who Are Separated From Their Wives


Over the years, with what we have seen and stories we have heard, marriage has proved not to be as easy as most people think. Some people believe it is best to walk away when things are no longer going right while some prefer to stay back and endure to the end.

Just like every relationship, there are the food and the bad times. While you enjoy the good moments, you may not be able to keep up when things get so rough. Whatever step you choose to take, is your choice. If you think going your separate ways is the best thing to do, perfect. And if you think staying back and trying to patch things up is the best decision, that's also perfect.

Just like every other person, professional wrestlers too have had to go through divorce at one time. Perhaps they believed that was the best thing to do. So here are seven of them, who are separated from their partners.

1. The Rock (separated from his wife Dany Garcia).

2. The Big Show (separated from his wife who had a daughter for him, named Cierra).

3. Edge (separated from his wife Lisa Ortiz)

4. Sting (separated from his wife Sue)

5. Shawn Michaels (separated from several partners, and is currently married to Rebecca Curci)

6. Rob Van Dam (separated from his wife Sonia)

7. The Undertaker (separated from his wives Sara and Jodi)


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