How to make vegetable soup

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1.medium piece of beef or your desired meat

2.. Large pieces of tripe( shaki)

3. Large piece of cow skin.( ponmo)

4. Stock fish

5. Dry fish

6. Pumpkin leave

7. Water leave

8. Palm oil

9. Onion

10. Stock cubes( maggi)

11. Grounded uziza seed

12. Grounded pepper

13.salt to taste.


Wash the beef,tripe and cow skin thoroughly. Cut into smaller pieces the chopped Onion and stock cube. Cook until tender in the pot to be used for the soup.

While the meat is cooking, wash and cut the pumpkin and water leaves into tiny pieces. Put them in separate sieves to drain out all the water as much as possible

Wash and de bone the dry fish into pieces. Also wash your stock fish and add them into the boring meat and cook until the meat is almost dried up to in the pot.

At this stage add palm oil, pepper, Uziza and allow to cook for about 5mins.( the palm oil serves as the only liquid base of the should try as much as possible to make it the only liquid in the soup).

Add the washed water leaves , stir and leave to cook for about 10mins or less. Now add the pumpkin leaves and salt to taste. Stir the content of the pot very well and allow it for a few minutes. The vegetables must not be overcooked

note, left over Edikang ikong soup is better reheated by adding palm oil not water, however this is not a must and is based on your preference..

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