How To Be Romantic On Your First Date And Impress Your Partner

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You only get one chance to make a good impression on the first date. Now, of course, some lovers have had an awful first date, and still ended up staying together to laugh about it later!

But in today’s hectic and fast paced world, most people don’t have the time or the luxury for second chances.That may be unfortunate, but it’s a bitter pill that you need to swallow whether you like it or not.

1. Put your phone Away: Nothing kills a first date more than checking your text messages while your date is talking, or interrupting them to take a call. If you can’t keep your phone in the car, at the very least, put it away in your pocket on vibrate .

It can still be annoying to hear a constant buzz throughout dinner but it’s definitely not as big of a mood killer as a full blown ringtone going off right in the middle of a great conversation.

2. Make it a two-way conversation.

Sure, you have to tell them about yourself, but make sure you’re asking your date questions about their own accomplishments and hobbies. Things can get iffy if you only talk about yourself; it might seem like you’re just waiting for the date to be over so you can get them into bed.

3. If your date wants to split the bill, go for it.

It's always a nice gesture to offer to treat your date, but if they want to split the bill, be open to that. We live in a society that allows for egalitarian partnerships!

If they object, you can explain that you're totally willing to go dutch on your next date, but since they agreed to spend their evening with you, you'd like to get this one. If they're still insistent on splitting the first-date check, do it. Allow them to establish boundaries that make them feel comfortable.

4. Dress to impress

If you are paying a lot of attention to what to wear on a date, you are going in the right direction. However, just paying attention is not enough because you also need to know what's appropriate and to do that it's important to take into consideration the place where you are meeting, the time, etc.

 Also, wearing something flashy or something that makes you ill at ease might not be a good choice. Wear something which makes you comfortable and at the same time is appropriate for the occasion.

5. Be in the moment

Don't look like you want to leave, don't let your mind wander, and be an active listener. Giving your date the attention they want will help your time together really blossom.

6. Open up

You don't have to tell your date all of your secrets, but opening up a bit shows that you trust your date and want to communicate openly. Even a casual fling should have a little bit of open communication, especially if you want to get into the bedroom sooner rather than later.

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