Wearing Socks To Sleep: Good Or Bad?

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According to the National Sleep Foundation, warming your feet before falling asleep helps your brain signal that it's time to sleep. Wearing socks is the safest way to keep yourself warm overnight. Other methods such as using a hot water bottle or heating blanket can put you at risk of overheating. Therefore, wearing socks is preferable.

In addition to keeping you warm, wearing socks at night also has other benefits:

1. Improve blood circulation

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By increasing blood flow to your feet, sleeping in socks can help improve circulation. Good circulation ensures a healthy flow of blood and oxygen. That way, your muscles, lungs, and heart can work efficiently.

2. Thermoregulation

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As the name implies, thermoregulation refers to how the body controls its temperature. To ensure that temperature changes do not endanger oneself, the body responds to the surrounding environment so that the temperature remains optimal. Wearing socks at night can aid in this thermoregulation process, especially in cold regions.

3. Avoiding Raynaud's syndrome

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Raynaud's Syndrome is a medical condition in which your body — especially the fingers and toes — responds to cold temperatures and numbness. Although this syndrome does not cause serious health problems, it would be better to prevent it. Wearing socks before bed can help.

4. Prevent hot flash

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Women who enter menopause will often have difficulty sleeping. Hot flashes are a response to hormonal changes, but they can be prevented by wearing socks while sleeping. This is because wearing socks while sleeping can trigger a process called vasodilation (dilation of blood vessels). The dilated blood vessels allow the body to cool down faster and lead to restful sleep.

Although using socks while sleeping provides several benefits. However, there are things to consider as well. The following include:

1. Reducing circulation

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Yes, although wearing socks while sleeping can improve circulation, it can also cause the opposite. If the socks you use are too small, they can block blood flow. Choose socks that fit properly and are made of comfortable fabrics like cotton or cashmere.

2. Cleanliness is not maintained

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In some cases, wearing socks can make the mattress dirty. If you wear socks that are too tight, your feet can't breathe properly, increasing the risk of infection and foot odour. To prevent this, make sure the socks you use when sleeping are very soft, comfortable and not too thick.

Warming your feet can make you more relaxed so that you sleep soundly. Wearing socks while sleeping also provides health benefits. Even so, pay attention to the type of socks used.

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