Heartbreaking: A woman buries her husband just a month after they got married

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There is no amount of words that can heal the heart of a person who has just lost his or her loved one. Death is something that will never be accepted, not even by the world's strongest person.

Imagine getting married to the person you love, knowing that you are about to start your own family and that your lives will be filled with happiness, but only for your partner to be taken away by the angel of death within a month.

People completing a month in marriage are considered newly weds, and it is sad when one of them has to become a widow or widower within the same period.

There is a woman on social media who announced the news of the very same situation. She posted photos of herself and her late husband. Both of them looked happy, and you could tell that it was the day of their wedding when they took those photos. The caption of the photos stated that on the 19th of December 2021, which is exactly a month ago, was the day that she married the love of her life, but the sad part is that she will be laying him to rest as he passed away.

It looks like she has nothing else but good memories of their marriage. I am saying this because she posted two videos showing how happy they were. The first video that she shared was taken during their honeymoon, and she declared that it was the perfect one. The second video she shared was taken on January 5th, 2022, which is her man's date of birth. She reminisced that her late husband loved fixing her face, as the second video shows him doing so.

I think this is one of the things that makes us think life is unfair. There is no way that a young woman like her will find it easier to accept and move on without the trauma. I believe that it is in situations like this that family and friends have to show themselves and be supportive. Words of comfort alone will not be enough, but their physical presence might be.

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