R Kelly has been sentenced.

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Robert Sylvester Kelly alias R Kelly is an American singer, music producer and a convicted sexual offender. He was so good in his music career as he was accredited nicknames like the king of pop soul and r and b.

However, R Kelly used his celebrity status and his influence to commit sexual offences and take advantage of young girls. He ruined himself.

One of the offences he committed was his marriage to Singer Aaliyah who was only 15 at the time while R Kelly was twenty seven years old. They also used falsified documents to get married while Aaliyah was so young. She was a young school girl.

It's outrageous that this verdict didn't happen early enough as everyone could see what had happened to Aaliyah as they were in the public.

They say money and fame can protect someone and sure enough it protected R Kelly for too long.

It took a whole documentary series to bring him to book. He has been sentenced to thirty years in prison at the age of 57.

To read more about R Kelly case follow this link.https://www.facebook.com/100064620046507/posts/pfbid02JafZjxifUKGekJr3t9xRnCWrMefmoQPEjmQrzk4ZabCCEPcpHNCVTw32xtzLUyzel/?app=fbl

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