Sultana: Kaka Almost Caught By Fatma Seducing Her Daughter Dida

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Tomorrow's episode Dida will go at the sea for fresh air after along day.Kaka is still at the sea and sees Dida . He will be surprised to see her at that night. Dida tells him to focus on his things as she focus on her gods.

Kaka open up to Dida that he loves her so much and is ready to be with her. Dida tells him that can't happen especially a low life like him. Dida tells Kaka that may be he becomes their shamba boy because she can't even try to walk with him because of shame. Kaka will be hurt because Dida has gone beyond. He wishes to beat her but because love he can't.

Fatma will start calling and looking for Dida but they will hide. As they are hiding Kaka will be much close to Dida and wants to hold her waist. Fatma will not see them and she will go back.

Dida then tells Kaka to go home because she will spend the night there. As Kaka is leaving Dida will hold his hands.

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