We all have choices as traditional healers

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I have been approached by this client who wanted to be rich at all costs, they made it clear they are prepared to do anything and doesn’t care about the consequences as long as they can live the life they wish for now.

I felt challenged and tested like this person wanted to see how worthy a healer am I, I asked for some time to have a conversation with my guides.

That night I couldn’t sleep a bit, I kept on turning and tossing until early in the morning when I had a visitation.

Three old man walked in all with straight serious faces, it felt like they were there to announce a death or something.

We had an intense discussion with the visitors in my sleep and they wanted me to chose between healing people and enriching greedy selfless clients.

They made it clear that if I chose riches they were all going to walk away from me and take along all my loved ones, and let me do my own work the way I desired.

I woke up sweating and panicking, it felt so real like I was in that meeting physically, I never had such very close encounter before.

I knew I was warned, I still feel so bad to call the client and tell them to find another healer, it’s like they will never take me serious and will always undermine my abilities but I am definitely not walking that road.

I chose to continue practicing as a healer and helping people in need, we all have choices and this experience taught me never to look down on healers who ended up on that road.

Some were confronted with similar challenges and wanted to prove that they are not weaklings and could move mountains if they wanted to not knowing that they were taking a path with no return.

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