Meet The Only Daughter Of Nigerian Musician, Sade Adu Who Transformed Herself Into A Man (Photos).

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Over the years, we have seen cases of Nigerian women who did surgery to change their gender, one of these people is Mickailia.

Mickailia whose real name is Izaak Theo Adu is a Famous Nigerian Transgender who is doing great in life. According to reports, she is the daughter of a Popular Nigerian-British Musician and Actress known as Sade Adu.

Mickailia who was born on the 21st of July, in the year 1996 is currently 25 years old, she is a Famous Instagram Influencer who is doing great in her Career. She became more Famous in the year 2016 after she revealed that she did surgery to transform herself into a man.

According to reports, Mickailia was suffering from a condition called "gender dysphoria" and because of that she was feeling frustrated and depressed because she was not comfortable with her previous gender so she underwent gender transition surgery to change her gender.

She completed her transition surgery in 2016 and she changed her name to Izaak Theo Adu, she once stated during an interview that a lot of people tried to criticize her for changing her gender but she is happy with her decision and that is what matters. Mickailia who is now known as Izaak is now very famous and he is doing great in his life and Career.

Take a look at his throwback and recent photos below.

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