Zedekiah Zico' In Tears After KCB Records A Loss


KCB manager Zedekiah Otieno is difficult moment after the side recording a 3-0 loss against Kario Bangi Sharks in Kenyan Premier League!

Zedekiah Zico' side was eager to narrow their gap with Tusker in quest for Kenya Premier League titles after Tusker being crushed 2-1 with Bidco United. Their hopes have been brought to a stand still after being beaten 3-0 with the ever thriving team Kariobangi Sharks. This weekend was not a best for the big clubs in Kenya Premier League. Big clubs such as Gormahia, Tusker and KCB have recorded a loss!

Zedekiah Zico' Otieno's side will remain in 2nd position with 26 points. They need further 6 points to catch up with Tusker Fc which is in 1st position with 32 points. KCB still can make it , they be able to rise to the top of Kenyan Premier League, provided that players sees the seriousness of the management.

Kariobangi Sharks win has enabled to secure 24 points in fifth position in Kenya Premier League. They are just 2 points behind KCB. The win against KCB has motivated them and they set to perform excellent in their future matches!

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