Tinubu Is The Sole Godfather In Nigeria Yet No One Has Knelt Before Him To Beg For Any Office - Joe

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Joe Igbokwe, a special adviser to Babajide Sanwo-olu, on drainage and water resources has made 2 serious allegations today on a post on his social media account.

The first allegation he made in the post, which he shared a photo of Senator James Manager, a Nigerian Senator representing Delta South Senatorial District of Delta state, in the Nigerian Senate, was that, he accused Senator James Manager of begging James Ibori for 2023.

Two major things were spotted in the photo that Joe Igbokwe shared, the first was the fact that Senator James Manager, was kneeling before James Ibori and the second thing are the bottles of wine that were on the table and the drinks on the floor.

James Ibori was a former Governor of Delta state from the 29th of May 1999 to the 29th of May 2007. James Ibori is an influential leader in the Niger Delta region.

The second allegation that Joe Igbokwe made was that, he said Tinubu is the sole godfather in Nigeria and yet, no one has knelt before him to beg for any office.

Joe Igbokwe was comparing the kneeling down of Senator James Manager to a claim that no one has ever knelt down before Bola Ahmed Tinubu to beg for any office position.

Source: Joe Igbokwe's account on Koo

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