Shuku Hairstyle; 8 Latest Shuku Hairstyles You Should Try Out Before the Year Ends


If you're lady and you’ve been thinking of braiding your hair into cornrows fashion, I can assure you that shuku is the right hairstyle for you, and in this article, you will see some of the latest shuku hairstyles to make you more beautiful and attractive. The Shuku hairstyle, also spelled as Suku has been in existence for long. This hairstyle style involves braiding the hair to create a hump on top of the head. It has its roots tied to the Yoruba culture and literally, means ‘basket’ in Yoruba. it has long become popular among young ladies, schoolgirls and married women alike. To cap it all, there are now tweaks to the hairstyle that make it more attractive, versatile and easy to maintain.

Shuku is also a protective hairstyle for those with natural hair. It can also be beautified with colorful beads, hair clips and flowers to achieve your best look. It is stylish and can be worn with dresses of any design to complement your look.

Latest Shuku Hairstyles

1. High Bun Suku

high bun shuku

high bun shuku - latest shuku hairstyles

2. Low Bun Shuku

low bun shuku

shuku low bun - latest shuku hairstyles

3. Double bun

double bun shuku

double bun shuku - latest shuku hairstyles

4. Shuku with Edges

unfinished shuku - latest shuku hairstyles

shuku with edges

5. Shuku with dangling cornrows and beads

dangling cornrows with beads shuku

dangling cornrows shuku with braids - latest shuku hairstyles

7. Colourful Shuku

colorful shuku - latest shuku hairstyles

bright colored shuku

8. Shuku and all-back

shuku and all-back

shuku and all-back - latest shuku hairstyles

These latest Shuku hairstyles aren’t just beautiful, they give you a new look by promoting your facial features. So which of these latest shuku hairstyles do you prefer? Let us know by dropping a comment below.