Checkout How Reno Omokri And Bobrisky Reacted After Social Media Was Shutdown Yesterday

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The social media was recently shutdown across the world yesterday, a lot of people were complaining because social media is a place where people interact with each other through sending messages, pictures and videos. Some popular Nigerian Celebrities like Reno Omokri and Bobrisky reacted after the social media issue was retrieved.

Nigerian lawyer, Reno Omokri Reacted by saying: "The social media platforms and every other thing else can crash, but Only a relationship with God can not crash. so don’t put your trust in any human or any human institution or creation. Put your trust in God alone"

Additionally, the Nigerian Crossdresser, Bobrisky also shared a video on his Instagram account where he reacted to social media shutdown.

Bobrisky Said: "It's very important to be using different social media platforms, people should learn how to use Snapchat because it is also very important like any other social media.

People who do online business were affected by the shutdown.

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