Woiyeee, Jalango's Latest Photo That Has Left Kenyans Tagging His Wife On Social Media

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Comedian Jalang'o has left Kenyans tagging his wife online for the another time. This is after he shared this latest photo of him looking to other couples in admiration eyes, something that has sparked mixed reactions online.

According to the photo that it's currently rotating on different social media platforms, Jalang'o together with Bahati and other celebrity couples were at unknown areas where they were having some good time at.

But what attracted the attention of Kenyans on this one, is how Jalang'o was looking on Bahati and Diana. Now this photo of Jalang'o has gone viral on different social media platforms where by, it's sparking mixed reactions currently.

Many are out to tell Jalang'o to walk around also with his wife daily while, others are out saying that Jalang'o was looking so funny on this photo at the same.

Anyway what's your opinion also about this photo of Jalang'o that has gone viral online!? Share your opinion as you share this news to your friends. Thanks for reading my content and have a nice day!

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