Video| Watch as a cellphone gets snatched in a taxi in broad daylight

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The crime rate in this country is very high, and the province of Gauteng is one of the places where crime is at its highest, ranging from the petty crimes such as theft and robberies to serious crimes such as murder.

The city of Johannesburg in particular is one of the unsafest places in Gauteng. This city is reported to have the highest number of theft and robbery crimes in the country.

People who go there know that they have to be alert and careful while walking on the streets of Joburg, even during the day. Criminals are always looking for victims to rob, their biggest targets are cellphones, purses, wallets and money.

A video made rounds on social media, CCTV footage in the streets of Joburg. A man wearing blue jeans and a black top walked up to a moving taxi and snatched a cellphone through the taxi's window, A handbag also fell out of the same window but he quickly ran away with the cellphone from the scene.

He looked like he got away with the cellphone, he ran very fast and left the scene.

Here are screenshots of the video below:


Becareful in the streets of Joburg, keep your phone and belongings in the bag and hold it close, in a taxi close all windows and keep your belongings in the bag.


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