Update : 32 Years Old Commit suicide


The young man identified as Aboh ogbeche , last Saturday commited suicide at their family house Lawanson, surulere Area of Lagos state.

The 32 years old young man whom until this incident was full of life, very jovial and ambitious was reported to have drank a full bottle of bleach and as his relatives say their was nothing indicating that he would commit suicide.

Report has it that, the victim poured the bleach in a cup , went to the sitting room and sat before his mother to gulp the substance and immediately began convulsing.

The mother raised alarm an he was rushed to Aishat Hospital in Idi Araba where he was pronounced dead.And his body was deposited at LUTH Mortuary The decease left no sucide note neither did he look like one who was depressed.

He was from cross rivers state and had spent all his life in lagos. The mother at the moment is heart broken seeing her full grown son die in her very before.

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