"Do they know about me and the things I'm capable of?" -Angel says as she stuns in a yellow outfit

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Popular Big brother naija shine ya eyes reality TV star, Angel Agnes Smith recently made a long statement on her Instagram account as she also shared new stunning pictures of herself in a yellow outfit.

Angel talked about finding love in the midst of criticisms. She stated that maybe love was in breaking into pieces and merging to form a whole that could either save or ruin you.

She further stated that love was in every moment that they doubted her, told her she couldn't do it but she went ahead to prove them wrong.

Then she went further to ask, "Do they know about me and the things I am capable of?"

Angel concluded by stating, love in criticisms. From Angel's statement, it shows that she has made a firm decision to find love in herself no matter what people say about her, no matter the criticisms. It shows that she knows what she is capable of and will not be pulled down by anyone.

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