"My Wife Is Worse Than Jezebel, She Beats, Abuses, Assaults Me, I Have Scars All Over" Man Cries Out


Marriage is a lifetime commitment between a man and woman and often ordained by God. Today, I bring you a story Martin Njoroge.

According to Nation Africa on their tweeter account, Martin confessed suffering abuse from the wife who has been beating him up.

The wife sells illicit brew in the slums of Kwa Murogi in Nakuru. He said,

"These scars explain the abuse and assault I have endured in my marriage. My wife is worse than Jezebel, constantly assaults me. She hurls sexual abuses at me, accusing me of sleeping with other women."

lately he nurses a deep injury after being attacked by wife on the right leg. Martin adds instead of their hugging him in the morning only receives insults and abuses.

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