Raphael Tuju Loses His Cool During Live TV Interview After Being Asked This About DP Ruto (VIDEO)


Jubilee Party secretary general Raphael Tuju is holding a high profile Television interview with KTN news Journalist Ken Mijungu at the time of publication of this article, an interview where the vocal SG is fearlessly dissecting a number of issues.

With debate seemingly surrounding the recent Kiambaa Constituency by-election where his candidate lost, Tuju defended their performance saying that even ODM party lost in Ugenya by-election in the past and nobody talked about it.

He says that as far as he is concerned, Jubilee Party did very well in Kiambaa and that he was satisfied with the spirited fight that Kariri Njama put forward.

However, hell broke loose when Ken Mijungu turned the debate around and brought deputy president William Ruto into the picture whom he praised for clinching the seat on the new UDA party ticket.

He asked Tuju his thoughts on what he thinks over the fact that Ruto got over 50% endorsement in Kiambaa which means that he enjoys at least half of the Mt Kenya support.

However, Tuju immediately lost his cool and accused the journalist of now allowing the interview to move naturally but instead proving openly hell-bent on ensuring he answers the question in a particular format.

He resisted the temptation to play along to the question by the journalist and started talking about something different.

Watch the Video Here.

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