Ghana's perennial floods: Leadership is the cause, the problem and the only solution.


Two days ago, after the rains have descended, and graciously softens the arable lands with a Godly intention of helping us produce foods for our subsistence on this earth, we went picking up dead bodies of humans who have been washed to drown by the resultant floods. At least, two dead bodies were recovered in my area of abode in Aboabo Number one(1) within the Asawase Constituency in the Ashanti region.

This got me thinking, again. Whose actions or inaction is inflicting us with this recurrent disaster?

When a country faces a seemingly perpetual devastating effect of a self-inflicted problem, here, I talk of the perennial floods that have caused the lost of citizens' lives and properties, who must take the blame, and who must lead in taking the country out of such a quagmire;-the political leadership at the apex of policymaking, the civil and public servants, the ordinary citizen, the Laws, topography and landscapes?

It is an established fact, that the Accra and now Kumasi floods are as a result of human activities. It is never an act of God, like some wants to direct our minds to. God gave us a rich, green and beautiful land, our misdeeds towards the earth, driven by an insatiable appetite for wealth is what is reaping us this result.

The causes of this perennial floods have since been researched and conclusively stated. Even though I do not agree with all of them. For instance, the mention of rain intensity as one of them should be dismissed. It sounds lazy.

Urbanization. This comes with the reckless and indiscriminate building of waterways. Again, this is a human activity. Whatever causes have been attributed will end up being the handy work of man. The laws then must step in. The question then is, who enforces the law.

We have laws that could only be described as mere suggestions because they are not effective, its enforcers are equally not doing justice their cause. We have leaders who pretend to work and citizens who pretend to be obedient.

Finally, one will only turn to agree with the famous statement of the venerable former rector of Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA), Professor Stephen Adei, who says; "Leadership is cause, any other thing is effect"

Leadership is everything. When it acts, there will be a particular effect depending on whether the act was positive or otherwise.

Until there comes a leader, or leadership, which will work in the best interest of the nation and for the preservation of future generations, there shall not be any result.

The reversal of the flood disasters needs the action of A bold leader who dies not care whose ox is gored.

Redesign the cuties. Pull down any structure that is legally or illegally situated on waterways and part judgement dept. After all, it will be a dept worth it, unlike the senseless ones we have been paying all these years.

Leadership is what we need. It is the cause, it is the problem and the only solution.