Meet The Cousin of Dr. Lawrence Tetteh, Also A Leading Man Of God in Ghana.PICS


Evangelist Dr. Lawrence Tetteh is an Economist, but despite achieving a PhD from a prestigious University in the UK, he is known for something more valuable, the gospel! By the grace of God, his ministry has blessed countless lives, whiles his crusades has visited many countries in the world. In Ghana, he is a household name and a statesman. What many may not know about him is that, he has a cousin, who is also in the ministry and pastors the Word of Life Christian Center, on the Spintex Road and he is Rev. Dr. Isaac Quaye.

His church, the Word Of Life Christian Centre is a bible based church and started as a fellowship of 15 people meeting at Caprice Hotel for worship and was inaugurated as the Word of Life Christian Centre on 25th of October 1987 in Accra. The church moved to Social Advance Institute located at Adabraka, Accra and during their time at Social Advance, the church grew to over 2000 members and branches were started at Nungua, Odorkor, Ho, and other parts of the country, with its Cathedral of Hope, the headquarters of WLCC, located on the Manet Court road, off the Spintex Road.

WLCC has a vision to build a church that will be a witness of God to mankind, by perfecting the saints to be eloquent witnesses of God’s manifold wisdom through their life and conduct; spreading God’s message of Hope to a hurting world.

Its senior Pastor, Rev Dr Isaac Quaye is a respected teacher, pastor, motivational speaker and a leadership development expert. Rev Dr Isaac Quaye is also the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of LEAD Associates, a human capita development company. He lives in Accra with his wife Lady Vanessa Quaye and daughter.

His vision and passion is to take God’s message of hope to a hurting world, lifting people from a life of failure and disappointment to that of achievement and success through the timeless principles of God’s word. For many years now, Dr Quaye’s profound teaching, leadership and healing ministry has taken him to all the continents of the world as a speaker in conferences, seminars, healing crusades and as a lecturer in various Bible colleges and seminaries. He also presents an inspirational radio programme “The Word of Life Broadcast”, on Sunny FM.

He severally featured his cousin, Dr. Lawrence Tetteh in his programs and has also ministered severally and travelled with him, in most of his international ministrations across the globe, as they are both a well sought after senior members of the clergy, who carry exceptional grace and leadership anointing.

Most recently, Rev. Dr. Isaac Quaye had advised Christian leaders to gather more capacity than positions if they want to last in Ministry, adding that, many people in leadership roles in the church today want fancy titles, positions and properties while they neglect the acquisition of the requisite knowledge to make them grounded in ministry. "Don't be in a rush to be in positions you do not have capacity to hold, you will kill yourself". He advised. Speaking at a Leaders Conference, Dr. Quaye prayed that the generation that will take the mantle of leadership of the church would be visionary, exemplary and firm but flexible, as many young people according to him go into church leadership with the unattainable visions at specific timelines whiles others get it totally wrong.

In order to be a great leader or a leader with a lasting legacy he noted, one must have a clear mental picture of where he wants to be at a particular time and how he intends to get there. "Everybody must identify you with your vision because you make it known at every given opportunity" Rev. Dr. Quaye had cautioned church leaders never to tell their followers to do what they say and not what they do, quoting Apostle Paul who asked his followers to imitate him as he imitates Christ Jesus, but unfortunately the character traits of some upcoming leaders are not worthy of emulation, as they indulge in unhealthy competition, flashy lifestyles and unable to exhibit integrity, but the Man of God noted 'Mother Theresa said it is easy to give an example than be an example but a leader who lasts is a leader he makes himself an example for his followers as he also imitates Christ'.

He also spoke against rivalry and competition in the body of Christ saying 'the more mature you become, the more you stay away from competition and complement others' and asked Christians whose leaders have been showing character traits that are unparalleled with that of Christ to pray for them since it is usually due to immaturity, believing God change them.