Do These Exercises If You Want To Prevent Heart Diseases


Did you know that cardiovascular diseases is one of the lead causes of death from around the world.

Infact 17.9million people die of these chronic diseases every year according to statistics.

Source: Insider

Surprising i must say!

Therefore, we have curated some healthy exercises recommended by experts for the heart.

The reason is that an inactive life is one top risk factor for heart diseases apart from poor diet and harmful lifestyles. Check out these exercises in these educating video and article.

1. Stretching

Stretching involves the slow movement of varying parts of the body, which prepares the muscles for activity, increases your range of motion and flexibility. It is done before and after every exercise routine, so as to prevent injury and muscle strain.

Example of such exercises includes: hamstring, calf and Quadriceps stretch.

Source: Very well fit

2. Strengthening exercises

This form of exercise is designed to increase the strength of specific muscles in the body.

This is done by overloading the muscle to the point of fatigue, which inturn increases muscle strength and improves quality of movement. These exercises ranges from lifting weights, climbing stairs, hill walking, dancing, push ups and sit ups.

Note that too much of these exercises isn't good for people with heart failure.

Source; Tribe sport

3. Aerobics

These very common exercise is highly beneficial to the heart as it strengthens the heart and lungs, improves the body's ability to use oxygen, decreases blood pressure, improve heart failure, increases energy levels and improves your breathing. Indeed beneficial.

Some of them includes jogging, jumping rope, walking, skating and water aerobics.

Source: The Guardian

Besides, there are certain precautions you must take note of before engaging in this routine.

1. This exercise must be done for atleast 20-30minutes everyday.

2. Do not exercise at all when you feel sick.

3. Do not push through pain such as chest pain and more when stretching or working out.

Source: Medical News Today

4. Ensure to rest for few minutes in the course of this routine.

5. Discontinue if you are overly fatigued or experiencing irregular or fast heartbeat.