Celebrations For Students as Orengo & Sifuna Accompany Otiende Amolo in Donating Tanks in Schools

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Politicians across the country are quickly strategising for next year's general election.They have been running up and down to please the electorates.The current leaders in positions are also riding on their projects to woo the voters to re-elect them.

Coalitions are being made with the much anticipated handshake one yet to be formed.Yesterday at the burial of former Gem MP Jakoyo Midiwo,the ODM leader informed the mourners to expect Tsunami in next year's general election.This has left their followers guessing on his sentiments.

Schools have continued to get well wishers who give massive donations.Some of these donations however come from the politicians.This can be directly from their pockets or from the government sources such as the CDFs.On the other side,not all politicians think of schools at times of need.

The schools have faced serious challenges in putting up the Covid-19 containment measures.Many have no sufficient water.Luckily,the politicians comprising of Otiende Amolo,Senator Orengo and the ODM Secretary General Edwin Sifuna have deliverered huge water tanks to some nine schools from the Lake region.

This great help comes at a time when Covid-19 is killing the residents of this region with partial lockdown ongoing.The plea by the governors to import the vaccines have not yielded any fruits.Congratulations to these leaders.

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