The Election Results Are Finally Out: Mr. Dwumfour Secures A Landslide Victory In The GJA Election.

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Today, the Ghana Journalist Association held their nationwide election and the most looked out category election was the Presidential Election. The Presidential contest featured Mr. Dave Agbenu, Mr. Gayheart Mensah and Mr. Albert K. Dwumfour.

The total number of votes was 556 and there were 15 polling stations. The contest was a very competitive one. All the candidates won at least one of the polling stations but Mr. Albert K. Dwumfour won most of the polling stations. He won the Volta Region, Ashanti Region, Central Region, Upper West, GNA, Press Centre and GBC with 23, 13, 6, 6, 20, 72, and 53 respectively. He tied with Mr. Gayheart Mensah at the Eastern Region. So in total, he won 7 out of the 15 polling stations. The total votes he gained was 233.

Mr. Gayheart Mensah followed him closely with 181 votes and Mr. Dave Agbenu was trailing behind with 142 votes.

It is now Official, Mr. Dwumfour is the new GJA President.

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