End the day with laughter. Don't laugh too hard though


I have taken it upon myself to do whatever I can to help relieve stress. Stress kills but then we haven't paid attention to it.

Let me take you to health this evening. Did you know that high blood pressure (hypertension) is a very dangerous disease? It is one of the dangerous side effects of stress and also a risk factor for heart disease and stroke.

Yeah, stress can cause hypertension but don't worry, there is a good news. Do you know that it is hard to be stressed when laughing?

This led to researchers investigating whether laughter can bring down blood pressure. In 2017, the Journal of Dental and Medical Research made a study and in that study, 40 patients who were undergoing haemodialysis were made to listen to the CDs of comic shows for a period of time.

Over 8 weeks, they noticed a decrease in the blood pressure of these patients. Ladies and gentlemen, don't stress yourself. Keep on laughing, laughter is a great medicine.

Well, I compiled some pictures which I find funny. Like I always say, the term "funny" is relative hence what I find funny might not be funny to you but trust me, at least half of these pictures are going to make you laugh. Let's take a look at them

1. Me after learning so much about diseases and mechanisms of drug actions before going to the medical school interview

Medical panel: How are you?

Me: I'm fine(expecting them to ask me something about malaria)

Panel: Tell us about yourself

Me(who knows nothing about myself):

2. This guy went to a Halloween party and unfortunately died. Do you know something? He dressed as the devil during the party

This is he trying to explain why he is in that costume.

3. This picture keeps me laughing. Whose baby is this? Please come for him, it seems he's confused

4. Blackmailers: Send us $5000 dollars or we will leak your video

Me: Rushes to borrow $5000 dollars to pay them

(A week later)

Blackmailers: Send $20,000 dollars or we will leak the video


5. This guy needs answers. Can you please tell him why. He has been longing to leave this continent for so long yet here he is.

6. Lawyer: Your honor, at this point I know I'm losing the case, can you please reduce the number of years my client is going to spend in prison?

7. This is a very hilarious idea. Protection is never 100% so you just take the car just in case the protection fails, your kid has something to play with.

8. It's not easy being single. Look at how he's looking at this couple. I'm imagining what was running through his mind. "Love is sweet oo"

9. Please think very well before taking any action. You will rush to take a lady to bed and regret the consequences in the end. Please "don't move in the direction of your erection".

10. Why would you lick the scalpel after performing a surgery? Are you a vampire? This is hilarious.

11. Guess what? I have always been a loser from day one

12. This guy sent his heart to a girl expecting her to take good care of it. Guess what happened?

She took the heart, cut it into pieces and used it for "suya".

This is where we end it all. Please take good care of yourselves, don't forget to wear your nose masks when going out and stay safe.

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