Is It Okay For A Man To Tear down, Be Vulnerable And Cry Before His Wife And Children?


It's okay to tear down, and be vulnerable and cry before your wife and children if need be. When you hold tears back, you bottle up emotioms. Expressing emltions is not a sign of weakness, it's being human and real. The false narrative that men don't cry has pushed too many men into depression. Some become violent or alcoholic to cope with this demanding life.

Expressing emotions is not a license to messing up your life. On the contrary, expressing emotions means askingbfor help. Being vulnerable where and when it hurts. Real men ask for help. Insecure me defend their positions even though they're evidently lost or struggling. You don't have to defend every mistake you have mad in your relationships or/ and professional life.

More women than men ask for help. More women ask for counselling than men. Gentlemen, you were never meant to solve all your problems by yourself. Arrogance and ignorance kills. Reach out to a brother near you. Open up and cry over his shoulder. It is not a must to go for professional therapy. At times all that is required is to vent over trusted shoulders.

Life is too hard to struggle all by yourself. This doesnt imply relinquishing your responsibilities but being vulnerable and accountable to two, to three peers or a life coach. Even in the most stable marriages, you may still need a Boy's Corner where you pour out your heart without censoring or classifying information. Every man needs a cheerleader. Who is your cheer leader?