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Pure Writer Pro

If you enjoyed using Pure Writer and wish to have it actively developed, would you mind contributing a few bucks to encourage the developer?

Your support can encourage independent developers like me to make more useful apps.

To contribute, you can press the Unlock Pro button in the top right corner of the Settings page. As a token of appreciation, you will be able to get Pro features like Save as… and Custom background/Papers.

Pure Writer will also improve as a result of your support. Thanks in advance! If you have any questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to email me at darkest@drakeet.com

Privacy Policy

Pure Writer takes its users' privacy very seriously, it will never collect any of your private information.

Also, it will not read or modify any content on your clipboard without first notifying you.

The storage permission that Pure Writer asked for is solely used for auto backup and save your files. Other than that, it will not read or modify any of your files in the storage without first notifying you.

Pure Writer supports cloud backup, which uses HTTPS encryption to transfer your database backups to your WebDAV cloud storage. Your cloud backups will only be stored in the cloud storage you set, and they will never be uploaded to other places.

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