"MALIZA UENDE " Angry Kenyans Tell Uhuru Over His Remarks On Agriculture Sector During Ushirika Day

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Number of Kenyans on social media have shared their dissatisfaction against Uhurus today's remarks about agriculture sector during National council for Ushirika day. According to viral video of today's Uhurus speech that has been shared by Citizen TV on Facebook, his excellency president Uhuru Kenyatta has congragulated Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Peter Munya for his good work she is doing in agriculture sector.

Uhuru has acknowledged Munya for adjusting agriculture sector for three years hence throwing trash to deputy president honorable William Samoe Ruto for doing nothing in government. Uhuru added that Munya has done a good job since agriculture sector was almost expected to collapse. Uhuru has send warnings to politicians who are busy attacking and blaming him over current economic crisis.

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His excellency president Uhuru Kenyatta has appreciated those individuals who are holding his hand and appreciating good jobs that he has done for Kenyan people. He has promised them he will continue working with them till infinity. Uhuru has also urged Kenyans to leave the past and focus on future.

Reactions :

Kenyans on social media have shared their different opinions and thoughts concerning that Uhurus Remarks whereby some section of netizens have wondered why is Uhuru acknowledging Munya in his work on agriculture sector because agriculture commodities have been shooting up on a daily basis.

Other netizens have condemned him for funding Raila's Rally hence making Kenyans being subjected to poverty and suffering due to hunger. Other netizens have told him to finish his term and go on retirement. Here are some of the reactions among Kenyans netizens,

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