You are becoming a sellout and I will expose you if you continue - Kevin Taylor to Haruna Iddrisu

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Loud Silence Media journalist, Kevin Taylor has released a statement bashing out the recent statement made by the minority leader of Parliament.

According to Kevin Taylor, Haruna Iddrisu is becoming a sellout in the party because he puts his personal gains over and above the party's interest.

"You are becoming a sellouts and this behavior of yours always putting personal gains above that of the party interest will come and bite you in the face. You are always eroding the gains of the NDC for your selfish interest and must be called out" He wrote.

This comes after Haruna Iddrisu recently made a statement that he will be convinced to accept 1% electronic levy instead of the proposed 1.75% by the government.

According to Kevin Taylor, what Haruna Iddrisu said is bad and he should retract that statement since Ghanaians are not ready to pay any tax on mobile money transactions.

Kevin almost threatened to expose the corrupt activities of Haruna Iddrisu if he supports the E-levy.

Click here to see the full statement issued bh Kevin Taylor

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