Orderliness And 4 Other Features Of A Catholic Mass

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I have never had the opportunity to attend a Catholic mass until recently when I was invited to a Catholic Church by a friend. What I discovered during my visit, gave me a different impression about the Catholic Church and I would love to share them with you.

Complete Orderliness 

The Catholic Church is the oldest single existing Christian denomination in the world. As old as the church is, their programs remain one of the most well-coordinated Christian functions you can imagine. During mass, the conduct of the church is so orderly that you will be wondering if you are still on earth. 

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When an officiating priest knees down, all the members follow suit without hesitancy. When the sermon is on, the ushers stand by the doors and no one is allowed to move about aimlessly.

Descent Dressing 

Female members of the church don't need sermons, they always cover their hair before entering the church. Their dresses are also very decent, making the church a safe haven for both male and female worshippers without temptation.

Sound and Well Prepared sermons 

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The first time I listened to a live sermon of a Catholic Parish Priest, it occurred to me that the many years they spend in training are not in vain. The sermon was well-tailored and eloquently presented. 

Absolute Reverence for God  

When you enter a Catholic church you will be amazed at the way they adore God. The fear of God is so deep in their heart that they see the church as a sacred place.

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Members are not allowed into the altar, they handle the things of God with complete reverence.

Well trained Choirs 

When you hear the choir sing, you might mistake their voice for that of angels. Their vocal tones are so smooth and orderly that you would imagine how they managed to arrive at such a level of vocal perfection. 

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From inquiries, I realized that, before anyone is allowed to sing in a Catholic Church, such fellow is made to pass through thorough vocal training. This is the reason why their voices sound like those of angels. 

Have you being to a Catholic Church, what was your experience? Please drop your comments below.

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